PCBN Materials

ADICO PCBN products are largely divided into high CBN content and low CBN content, and also classified into fine-grained PCBN and coarse-grained PCBN as well.

Grade CBN-Content
Main Binder Application Micro Structure
AN95 95 2 Metal (Co, Al, X) Grafiken-Adico_Kaesten2 AN95
ATN10 95 3 Metal (Co, Al) Grafiken-Adico_Kaesten2


ATN10N 95 3 Metal (Co, Al, X) Grafiken-Adico_Kaesten2 ATN10N
AN90 90 1 Metal (Co, Al, X) Grafiken-Adico_Kaesten AN90
ATN16 90 1 Metal (Co, Al) Grafiken-Adico_Kaesten ATN16(90)
AN65 65 1 Ceramic (TiN) Grafiken-Adico_Kaesten3 AN65
AN55 55 1 Ceramic (TiCN) Grafiken-Adico_Kaesten3 AN55
AN45 45 1 Ceramic (TiCN) Grafiken-Adico_Kaesten3 AN45

ADICO PCBN Cutting Tool Product Application Areas

The range of workpiece materials that Adico PCBN can successfully machine is constantly ex-panding,
but the main material groups are:
1. Hardened steels
2. Hard facing alloys
3. Chilled cast iron
4. Pearlitic grey cast irons

5. Sintered iron
6. Superalloys e.g. Inconel 718
7. Powder metal e.g. automotive valve seats
ADICO PCBN Products Successful machining applications have been established in the automotive,
aerospace, and manufacturing industries, and some examples are:
High CBN-content PCBN    
AN95, ATN10, ATN10N
  • gray cast iron cylinder boring (GG 20/25)
  • nodular cast iron tuning (GGG50, 38-42 HRC with good cylindricity & higher feed rates than other tools)
AN90, ATN16
  • brake drum tuning (GG20)
  • TiAl₆V₄ exceptionally good for tuning applications
  • internal gear tuning with very good surface finish
  • ball nose end milling (CF53, 62HRC) with extremely high edge-stability and better surface quality
  • sintered geared tuning (SK72-01, 60HRC)
Low CBN-content PCBN    
AN65 moderate to heavy interrupted hard turning, finish hard milling    
AN55 continuous & slight interrupted turning of hardened steels    
AN45 high speed finish turning on hardened steels    



3 different ADICO PCBN product configurations

(Single PCBN-layer)
(Double PCBN-layer)
(Solid PCBN-layer)
ATN-Series-2 ADN-Series-1 ASN-Series-1
Blank Sizes:
Blank thickness (mm):
1.6, 2.0, 2.4, 3.2, 4.8 ± 0.5
PCBN thickness (mm):
0.75 ± 0.15
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